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Not Home
A group show curated by Aaron Hoffman

Exhibition opening reception:

Saturday Jan 18th 5-7pm

Torika Bolatagici, Genevieve Douglas-Byrnes, Aaron Hoffman, Jessica Ibacache, Ryo Takara, Anne Scott Wilson, Chaohui Xie

‘Not Home’ features works by artists responding to an open-ended provocation of ‘home’. Home, or the idea of home, comprises a set of beliefs or myths that reflect both personal and cultural influences. The slightest disturbance to our attachment of home challenges security and stability. 'Not Home' presents seven artworks by artists expressing this dislocation and the creative processing of issues that betray the promise of home. Activated by social, political and spiritual thinking, and the application of diverse mediums; the works shown generate a dialogue between each unique voice, engaging the commitment of art-making and what it is to be an artist.

Exhibition Jan 18 - 24
Gallery open Sat-Sun 12-4pm


Sarah Wallace

Exhibition opening reception:

Saturday Feb 8th


This is where you belong
Whimsical, Joyous and Instinctual… these are some words that describe the remarkable work by Melbourne artist Sarah Wallace. Sarah paints abstracted landscapes ‘en plein air’. Sarah says that, “These techniques enable me to paint directly what I am seeing, hearing and feeling”. She describes her technique as being an, “instinctual process”, and that she, “tunes into the colours and connects with what is happening at the time”.

Sarah studied fine art at Monash University where she completed her post graduate degree in Fine Art. The artist has also studied under William Harding, Godwin Bradbeer and Terry Batt, and has been teaching painting for over 20 years. Sarah’s work was recently in Australian House and Garden as part of the overall redesign of Mirabel House in St Kilda where she collaborated with well known interior designer Diane Bergeron.

Exhibition Feb 1 - 23
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Beata Geyer & Louise Blyton

Exhibition Mar 1 - 25
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Piers Greville

Exhibition Apr 1 - 26
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Lesa Hepburn

Exhibition May 1 - 25
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Kate Hendry

Exhibition May 31 - June 24
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Nick Drake

Exhibition July 1 - 26
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Evangeline Cachinero

Exhibition Aug 2 - 25
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Mira Krulic and Karryn Argus

Exhibition Sept 1 - 24
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Kelly Manning

Exhibition Oct 1 - 25
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Cally Lotz

Exhibition Nov 1 - 22
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm


Christmas Show

Exhibition Nov 28 - Dec 24
Gallery open Wed-Sun 12-4pm

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